a li’l About Me

I always tell to myself that I am in the process of self-rediscovery…!!!

And I have found that:

1 a. My mind is a wonderful place to visit at least once… Its junkyard, its playground of entropy and chaos, it’s the devil’s workshop… Sometimes it can be beautiful, scenic, sexy, sensual, romantic… Sometimes it can be a war-zone… I love it and I hate it as well… It is what which makes me, me…

1 b. I procrastinate more than a normal human being should…

1 c. Hence, comes the name of my baby…!!!

2. Whenever I am restless, I get a bout of writing… and for me writing is like a free fall… when it starts, it can’t be stopped…

3. I want to hug a pillow and cry, if I want to cry… in an empty room so that no one can see me crying…. It’s too personal for me… (shhh… i am letting it out here, cuz no one is gonna read it… !!! :P)

4. I like to take long showers, late at night and then sleep…

5. It might sound weird, but whenever I am on the road, I add all the numbers on a vehicle’s registration number plate and add them to the smallest possible number… and I do it for every vehicle I see…

6. I love reading a lot… a damn lot… esp good novels;  and listening to music, simultaneously, along with a sandwich and a cuppa of tea or a coffee, and of-course, “No Disturbance”…

7. my C.V. says:

Hobbies: reading; listening to music; writing; amateur photography, experimental cooking and occasional blogging; drawing and sketching; watching movies; reading about human psychology and graphology, also about numerology, astrology, palmistry and etc – etc; prehistory, early civilization and their culture, heritage and practices; surfing World Wide Web.

If that doesn’t helps, then there’s the last one…

8. I fell in love when I was in my late teens… tried hard to hard to come outta it… overcame it… became kinda promiscuous… and now I am sure, that after more than 7 years, it will take a real prince charming to get me to make fall in love again…

So, well, this blog becomes a chronicle of an odyssey of discovery… oops… self-rediscovery… of myself… and how far the destiny, if it ever plays a role in my life, takes me on this adventure known as ” L.I.F.E ” !!!

Enjoy reading it… I am sure, you would like the gripping romance and sensuousness, at least for once…!!! 🙂

4 Responses to “a li’l About Me”

  1. Dear *resident of the devil’s workshop* !!!
    The 8 points you have mentioned about yourself speaks a lot about your character. The hidden you is no more *hidden*.
    Looking fwd to read more about the byproducts of your workshop!! 😉
    Regds 🙂

  2. Point number 5 took me by surprise cos i discovered i am not the only one doing it..!

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